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Episode 3

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson (Leslie Mann and Jon Cryer) are having trouble with their relationship, as Mr. Carbon Black (James Spader) forces them to compete in making a new sales idea for the black box. Mrs. Thompson goes to look at Toe's phone, and finds the rock on the floor in his room. She takes the rock just as Toe wakes up. She and Mr. Thompson go to a Black Box Inc. costume party. While on the patio of Mr. Black's house, she wishes that she and her husband were closer, and they become a two-headed person and try to hide from Mr. Black.

He finds them and invites them inside (thinking they're wearing a costume). Meanwhile, Toe realizes that his mother took the rock and rushes to the party, despite Helvetica warning him against coming. Hel finds the rock as Toe arrives to try to take it back. Toe is interrupted by Cole, who dumps him in the garbage. An infuriated Hel wishes Cole into a dung beetle before losing the rock. The rock is found by Mr. Black who, unaware of its power, accidentally wishes for all of the employees to go for each other's throats. In the chaos, Hel takes the rock and tries to tell her dad about it, but he won't listen to her. So Hel wishes that her dad would listen to her for a change, causing his ears to become gigantic.

Hel, now drunk with power, wishes off her casts and for a rocket bike to escape with the rock, but hits a curb and lands headfirst into a trash can, losing the rock. The rock rolls back to Mr. Black's house and smashes through the door, landing at Mr. Black's feet. He picks it up and is tackled by some of the guests. Toe runs in and grabs the rock and wishes everyone back to normal. The doorbell rings and Toe answers it and comes face to face with Helvetica who is furious. She threatens to break every other bone in Toe's body if he doesn't give her the rock. Toe smartly answers "You Wish" before throwing the rock as far as he can, where it lands at the Noseworthy's house.

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