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Ship-from-Store Retailers and brands use ship-from-store as a method of fulfilling online orders with existing inventory in retail stores. In a typical ship-from-store order, a customer places an order online and Shopatron passes that order to the closest stocking retailer, who then ships the order using in-store inventory.

In-Store Pickup Shopatron’s retailer and brand clients can also make products ordered online available for pickup in store. Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and REI are examples of large retailers that have been offering this option to shoppers for several years and have led the way in terms of consumer demand for in-store pickup. With Shopatron, smaller manufacturers and retailers can offer shoppers the same service. When retailers accept orders from the Shopatron Order Exchange, they can fulfill the order by alerting shoppers that items are available to be picked up at their store, if the in-store pickup delivery method was selected by the shopper during checkout.

Ship-to-Store Manufacturers can also use ship-to-store as a way of ensuring that online orders can be fulfilled even if the nearest retailer doesn’t have product in stock. In a ship-to-store order, a customer places an order and chooses a retail location that will fulfill their order. If the retailer does not verify that they have the items in stock within two hours, the brand ships the package to the local retail shop with a special label provided by Shopatron. Shopatron contacts the retailer to let them know that an order is on the way, how to complete the order, and how to get paid for the order. The retailer receives the package, scans a QR code, and notifies Shopatron that they have received the items. Shopatron then notifies the customer that their order is available for pickup. After the order is completed, the retailer is paid.

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