Shockwave (Transformers) - Transformers: Energon

Transformers: Energon

Sub-group Ultra Vehicles
Triple Changers
Function Satellite Staff
Motto "I see you."
Alternate Modes Cybertronian Tank/Satellite
Series Transformers: Energon
English voice actor Brian Drummond
Japanese voice actor Nobutoshi Kanna

Although the assorted Transformers series which followed the original often paid homage to many popular characters by naming new characters after them, or sculpting them to share their likeness, Shockwave was without a homage in the US for over a decade—it would not be until the midst of 2004's Transformers: Energon line that Shockwave received this honor in the form of Shockblast. Hasbro had since lost the trademark to the name "Shockwave" to Lanard Toys (as noted above), and compensated as best they could through use of this altered name. As previously noted, in Japan, Takara still retained the rights to their original name, hence there, Shockblast was still named Laserwave.

Hugely egotistical, cold, ruthless, and a genius, Shockblast is sometimes loyal to Megatron but occasionally acts like Starscream and seeks to overthrow his master. Shockblast's capacity for ruthlessness exceeds even that of Megatron which makes his personality a cross between his leaders and Starscream's. However despite that, Starscream himself even under Megatron's control seems to respect Shockblast. The power-hungry Shockblast transforms into an orbital Satellite and a ground-based assault vehicle (although in the animated series, he only transformed into the former). He has an unspecified history with Tidal Wave, who distrusts him (the Japanese dub of the series indicated that this was because Shockblast was part of Tidal Wave's platoon, and turned on his fellow Decepticons after the Autobots were defeated).

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