Shockwave (Transformers) - Transformers: Cybertron

Transformers: Cybertron


Cybertron Shockwave toy
Sub-group Mini-Cons,Triple Changers
Partner Mudflap
Alternate Modes Jet/gun
Series Transformers: Cybertron

The Shockwave name returned to the Transformers toy line in the US as part of the Transformers: Cybertron series in 2005. Packaged with Tankor, a Mini-Con Autobot, Shockwave himself is of Decepticon allegiance and a member of the Sky Attack Team. Left free to pursue his own interests on Earth following the departure of the two other Transformer factions, Shockwave has spent the last decade working for various dictators and tyrants around the world. Who he signs up with is based on how likely he is to be able to cause devastation and death - because there's nothing he loves more than seeing a city go up in flames, and knowing he lit the fire.

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