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  • Customization Class Exclusive Shattered Glass Longarm (2012)
Shattered Glass Longarm is a remold of Transformers: Reveal the Shield Jazz, available only at the BotCon 2012 customization classes. He transforms from a robot into a purple sports car. The speakers can also combine with his rifle via clips to form a super rifle, or they can be used on any other clip-compatible Transformers toy. Longarm also comes with an alternate Shockwave head and gun arm, which one can use instead of the proper head and hand. The head can fit during transformation if properly sanded, but the gun cannot. Neither new piece is considered Hasbro product. This mold was also used to make Transformers United Stepper, and the mold's alternate head was used to make Treadshot. It was also retooled to make Transformers: Generations Wheelie and Transformers: Timelines Kick-Over.

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