Shock Troops

Shock troops or assault troops are formations created to lead an attack. "Shock troop" is a loose translation of the German word StoƟtrupp. Military units which contain assault troops are typically organized for mobility with the intention that they will penetrate through enemy defenses and attack into the enemy's vulnerable rear areas.

Although the term "shock troop" became popular in the 20th century, the concept is not a new one, such as the utilization by late Medieval armies of the forlorn hope. Presently, the term is rarely used as the strategic concepts behind it have become standard contemporary military thinking.

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... Aleksei Brusilov developed and implemented idea of shock troops to attack weak points along the Austrian lines to effect a breakthrough, which the main Russian Army could then exploit ... became known as Stosstruppen, or shock troops, and the tactics which they pioneered would lay the basis of post-WWI infantry tactics, such as the development of fire teams ... and contained much of what was standard for German shock troops ...

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