Shimizu may also refer to:

In places:

  • Shimizu, Fukui -chō, town, Fukui Prefecture
  • Shimizu, Shizuoka -chō, town, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka, ward of the city of Shizuoka
  • Shimizu, Wakayama -chō, town, Wakayama Prefecture
  • Shimizu, Hokkaidō -chō, town, Hokkaidō
  • Tosa-Shimizu, -shi, city, Kōchi Prefecture
  • former name of Chistovodnoye, Sakhalin Oblast (see Karafuto)
  • former name of Qingshui, Taichung (see Taiwan under Japanese rule)

In other uses:

  • Shimizu S-Pulse, J. League soccer/football team based in Shizuoka
  • Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid, a building envisioned for construction in Tokyo
  • Shimizu Expansion Chamber, a variation of Wilson's cloud chamber
  • Shimizu Corporation, one of the world's biggest architectural, engineering and general contracting firm, headquartered in Japan

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