Shi En - Meeting Wu Song

Meeting Wu Song

Wu Song is sentenced to exile in Mengzhou after killing Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing to avenge his brother. According to a law passed down since Emperor Taizu's time, every new convict who enters the prison must be flogged 100 times. The corporal punishment is meant to tame unruly and arrogant prisoners who enter prison for the first time. Shi En respects Wu Song as a hero and succeeds in persuading his father to spare Wu from the beating on the excuse that Wu appears to be ill.

Wu Song is led to a clean cell and provided with luxuries everyday. Wu Song is grateful towards Shi En and wants to repay him for his kindness. Shi En tells Wu Song that he used to run a restaurant called "Forest of Delight" (快活林). A hooligan called Jiang Zhong, nicknamed "Jiang the Door God", came one day and beat him up and took over his restaurant. Wu Song promises to help Shi En take back the restaurant.

Wu Song defeats Jiang Zhong in a fight and warns Jiang never to return to Mengzhou and orders Jiang to apologise to Shi En. Jiang Zhong resents Wu Song and he bribes Inspector Zhang to help him. Inspector Zhang invites Wu Song to his residence and frames him for theft later. Wu Song is arrested and sentenced to exile once more. Meanwhile, Jiang Zhong returns to the restaurant and seizes it back from Shi En by force.

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