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Facing The Giants (2006)

Facing the Giants was shot on high definition digital video tape and transferred to film. Using real high school football teams, the football action sequences were shot by the film's director of photography, Bob Scott, who is a veteran cinematographer for NFL Films. Another NFL Films technician, Rob Whitehurst, recorded the movie's sound. The film was shot for $100,000 and released to 441 theaters in 2006. It grossed over $10,000,000 at the box office and was released to DVD in early 2007 and made its television debut on September 21, 2008, on Trinity Broadcasting Network. The DVD has sold 2.5 million units.

Facing the Giants is the story of Grant Taylor, a high school football coach with a mediocre record. He is in danger of being fired, his car is breaking down, and he discovers that he is the reason that his wife Brooke cannot have children. In order to find a solution to these problems, he prays to God for help. Taylor begins a new coaching philosophy and decides to praise God after each game, no matter the result.

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