Sheng Long

Sheng Long is a character hoax related to the Street Fighter series, created by Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) as an April Fool's gag in 1992 (in an issue published mid-February). The joke, based upon a mistranslation that suggested the existence of a character named Sheng Long in the Capcom fighting game Street Fighter II, described a method to fight the character in the game. After other publications reprinted the details as fact without verifying the authenticity, the Sheng Long hoax spread worldwide. As a result of discussion revolving around the possibility of the character's appearance in Street Fighter III during the game's development, EGM revisited the joke in 1997, printing an updated version of the hoax for the title while establishing a backstory and appearance for the character in the process.

As a character and a hoax, Sheng Long has been described as one of the most famous and well-known legends related to video gaming by publications such as GameDaily and GameSpot. The hoax has been attributed to the creation of both Akuma and Gouken as characters in the Street Fighter series, with the former appearing in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as a secret boss. Fan appeal for the character affected later Capcom titles, with public requests for the inclusion of Sheng Long in an actual video game leading to the consideration of his inclusion in the Street Fighter: The Movie video game and years later resulting in the appearance of Gouken as both a secret boss and playable character in Street Fighter IV.

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EGM April Fools' Jokes - 1992
... Perhaps the most infamous of all the April Fools jokes was the Sheng Long trick for Street Fighter II ... the player could supposedly fight against a special character called Sheng Long, who was said to be Ryu's master ... look for the April Fool's joke in the issue of EGM was placed on the same page as the Sheng Long trick ...
Ryu (Street Fighter) - Promotion and Reception
... One of Ryu's quotes from Street Fighter II stated "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance." Such quote caused controversy within gamers who wondered whether there was actually a character named Sheng Long ... Moreover, the fans' request to include Sheng Long, led to Gouken's inclusion in Street Fighter IV ...
Gouken - Character Development
... Ryu and Ken's master under the name of Sheng Long, a name derived from a mistranslation of Ryu's victory phrase in the arcade version of the game ("You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance"), which was ... In fact, Sheng Long is the Mandarin pronunciation of the first two kanji characters in Shōryūken (昇龍拳?), the Japanese name of the Dragon Punch, one of Ryu and Ken's special techniques ... showing a silhouetted illustration in her blog, claiming that the character was "Sheng Long", as well as the character being featured in an animated ...
Sheng Long - Legacy - Street Fighter IV
... Executive editor Shane Bettenhausen took this to mean the appearance of Sheng Long in Street Fighter IV, though added that if the character did appear in the game, it would be ... When asked in a later interview by regarding the possibility of Sheng Long's appearance in the title, Ono replied "Are you coming to the Tokyo Game Show ... On the first of April 2008, Capcom announced Sheng Long as a "secret, unlock-able character" in their Japanese development blog for Street Fighter IV and later posted in their official US blog accompanied ...

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