Shear Walls

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Utah State Capitol - History of The Capitol - Later Alterations - Renovation and Restoration
... strength, a new six-inch shot concrete wall was applied over the existing concrete inside the dome's structure ... the building's stability, including the addition of concrete shear walls within the structure ... The shear walls will keep the building from twisting or distorting, which could cause a collapse as it moves during an earthquake ...
Skyskraper - Design and Construction - Shear Walls
... A shear wall, in its simplest definition, is a wall where the entire material of the wall is employed in the resistance of both horizontal and vertical loads ... A typical example is a brick or cinderblock wall ... Since the wall material is used to hold the weight, as the wall expands in size, it must hold considerably more weight ...
Diaphragm (structural System)
... system used to transfer lateral loads to shear walls or frames primarily through in-plane shear stress ... On the other hand, rigid diaphragms transfer load to frames or shear walls depending on their flexibility and their location in the structure ...

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