• (adj): Made sharp or sharper.
    Example: "A sharpened knife cuts more cleanly"
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Half-diminished Seventh Chord - Function - Sharpened Subdominant With Minor Seventh
... The sharpened subdominant diminished triad with minor seventh chord is represented with the Roman numeral notation ♯ivø7 the root of this chord is the raised subdominant (sharpened fourth) ...
A Witness - Discography - Compilation Albums
... Pedestrian", "Red Snake", "Dipping Bird", "Sharpened Sticks", "Legs Be Sturdy", "Hard Days Love", "Faglane Morris Wind", "Nodding Dog Moustache", "Raw Patch", "The Loudhailer Song" ... Extra tracks for cassette only "O'Grady's Dream", "Smelt Like A Pedestrian 2", "Sharpened Sticks 2", "Hard Days Love 2" ... Lane The Best Of A Witness (2002, Overground, CD, OVERVPCD88) "Sharpened Sticks", "I Love You, Mr Disposable Razors", "Tomorrow Never Knows", "O'Grady's Dream", "The Loudhailer Song", "Car Skidding", "Dipping ...
Nakiri Bocho
... While the nakiri bōchō is sharpened from both sides, the usuba bōchō is sharpened only from one side, a style known as kataba in Japanese ... The sharpened side is usually the right side for a right hand use of the knife, but knives sharpened on the left side are available for left hand use ...
Stockade As A Security Fence
... whole or chopped in half, with one end sharpened on each ... They would dig a narrow trench around the area, and stand the sharpened logs side-by-side inside it, encircling the perimeter ... Sometimes they would add additional defense by placing sharpened sticks in a shallow secondary trench outside the stockade ...
Myth Busters (2008 Season) - Episode 99 – "Viewer's Special 2" - Ancient Arrows
... wanted to know why there are so many arrowheads found, when cavemen could have easily used sharpened sticks ... were overall more effective than sharpened sticks ... Adam and Jamie created sharpened sticks and arrowheads from scratch, noting that it took much longer to make the arrowheads ...

More definitions of "sharpened":

  • (adj): Having the point made sharp.
    Example: "A sharpened pencil"