Shared Virtual Area

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Evolution of MVS
... jobs could be divided into uselessly small chunks between the areas used by current jobs, and the only remedy was to wait some current jobs finished before. 1970s IBM sought to mitigate these difficulties by introducing virtual memory (which IBM called "virtual storage"), which allowed programs to request address spaces larger than physical ... The original implementations had a single virtual address space, shared by all jobs ...
OS/360 And Successors - System/370 and Virtual Memory Operating Systems - OS/VS2 SVS and MVS
... OS/VS2 release 1 was just MVT plus virtual memory and VSAM (see below) ... This version was eventually renamed OS/VS2 SVS, for Single Virtual Storage, when OS/VS2 Release 2, also known as MVS, for Multiple Virtual Storage, was introduced ... MVS address spaces - global view MVS (shared part of all address spaces) App 1 App 2 App 3 Shared virtual area (controlled by MVS) One application's ...

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