Shaolin Martial Arts

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Hsing I Ch'uan - Origins - History
... (particularly the animal styles) are identifiable as far back as the Liang Dynasty at the Shaolin Temple ... did not strictly invent xingyiquan, but synthesised and perfected existing Shaolin principles into his own style of gongfu which he popularised during ... theory holds that Yue Fei based his style on existing Shaolin techniques, some consider Bodhidharma to be the originator of xingyiquan ...
Grandmaster (martial Arts) - Traditional Systems - China - Lineage Based Systems (門 Men)
... Shaolin martial arts lineages, parallel monastic "dharma transmission", and "tonsure" ... In Lay Shaolin traditions, lineage norms – the special relationship between master and disciple – came from Buddhist traditions followed by the monastic sangha (congregation of ... As a result some lineages in Chan, as with lay Shaolin lineages adopted a quota system limited the number of students any one master may passed (graduated) the lineage to ...

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