Shanley's Restaurants - Frequent Relocations

Frequent Relocations

By 1903 there were two Shanley's locations. The second was at 117 West 42nd Street. Another Shanley's was open for business at Broadway and 29th Street, in 1906. As the center of New York City shifted to Upper Manhattan, the eating establishment moved to Broadway and 30th Street. When Adolph S. Ochs built One Times Square in 1904, Shanley's found a new home in Times Square. Next came a relocation to the Longacre Building, directly across the street from Times Square. This establishment closed in 1912 when two of the Shanley brothers opened their largest restaurant, at the corner of 43rd Street. Patrick J. Shanley opened his own restaurant at 117 West 42nd Street, at the same time. This was the final Shanley's to close.

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