Shanley's Restaurants - Chronology of Establishments

Chronology of Establishments

On October 12, 1897 a fire started above the boiler room of the restaurant, ignited by the crossing of electric wires. It was extinguished with a loss of $1,500. One of Shanley's locations was refused an all-night license which was requested during an Old Guard Ball at the Metropolitan Opera House, in January 1903. The 42nd Street establishment was permitted a license.

The Shanley eatery at 1204 South Broadway passed into receivership on November 6, 1905. It was owned by Rose T. Shanley, the widow of Bernard Shanley. In 1903 Rose left the firm and opened her own restaurant next door to the Shanley Restaurant at 1210 Broadway. She leased the entire building at a cost of $20,000 annually. Rose received a bankruptcy petition from a number of creditors. Frederick P. Bellamy was appointed receiver with a bond of $15,000.

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