Shahid Siddiqui - Expulsion From Samajwadi Party

Expulsion From Samajwadi Party

He was expelled from Samajwadi Party in July 2012 for interviewing Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on post Godhra anti minority riots for which Modi is accused of failing to control in time. Modi in that interview had said "Hang me if I am guilty". The cover-page interview ran into six pages and covered issues like state of Muslims in Gujarat, post-Godhra riots and other sensitive issues. Siddiqui termed Samajwadi party's stand of disowning him as a mere joke, saying "I had joined the party in presence of all major Samajwadi Party leaders, including Mulayam Singh Yadav. So this joke is really sad." It is reported in media that his expulsion from Samajwadi Party has irked Muslim leadership.

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