Shaft Construction - Raise Driving Techniques - Raising By Application of Raise Borers

Raising By Application of Raise Borers

This technique can be used to drive a raise between 2 levels in the ground. Using this technique, Raises have been drilled successfully even in poor ground where the soil condition is not very good. A circular shape is obtained from this technique. In this technique, the machine is set up at the top and drills a hole of 225 to 250 mm diameter, to get to the lower level. After that a large reamer bit is put on at the bottom of the drill rod and then it reams up the raise.

We can execute the reverse procedure by the machine; however, this option is not very popular.

Raise borers can drive in soft ground and hard ground, and such units are useful to drive raises and shafts up to 6 m diameter,

This method has the advantages like, faster rates, better safety for working crews and least disturbance to the rock structure.

By using this method the holes by the following properties is driven before: Shaft length, 1000 m, Diameter .6 to 6 m (R. Tatia 2005)

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