Sextus Julius

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Sextus Julius Caesar II
... He was the son of Sextus Julius Caesar I, after his adoption, also became known as Sextus Julius Catulus Caesar ... Sextus was consul in 157 BC, and led the final formal negotiations with the Achaean League before war was declared in 146 BC ...
... Sextus (abbreviated Sex ... Latin sextus, "sixth") ... Among those named Sextus are Sextus Roscius Sextus Pompeius (younger son of Pompey the Great) Sextus Pompeius (relatives of Pompey the Great) Sextus Propertius ...
Iulii - Members - Others
... Proculus Julius, a legendary figure who announced the apotheosis of Romulus to the Roman people, circa 716 BC ... Lucius Julius Bursio, triumvir monetalis in 85 BC ... Julius Polyaenus, a contemporary of Caesar, and the author of four epigrams in the Anthologia Graeca ...

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    It is the custom of the immortal gods to grant temporary prosperity and a fairly long period of impunity to those whom they plan to punish for their crimes, so that they may feel it all the more keenly as a result of the change in their fortunes.
    Julius Caesar [Gaius Julius Caesar] (100–44 B.C.)

    How often you, spurned, will run to my door, when your strong words shall have fallen into a sob, and a trembling horror will begin from your sad tears.
    —Propertius Sextus (c. 50–16 B.C.)