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General Theories

According to Diane F. Halpern, some combination of social and biological factors may be at work in psychological sex differences. She wrote in the preface of her 2000 book Sex Differences In Cognitive Abilities, "Socialization practices are undoubtedly important, but there is also good evidence that biological sex differences play a role in establishing and maintaining cognitive sex differences, a conclusion I wasn't prepared to make when I began reviewing the relevant literature."

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Sex And Psychology - General Theories - Biological Theories
... Researcher Simon Baron-Cohen has proposed the empathizing-systemizing theory, and argues for a "male brain type" with systemizing abilities, and is contrasted against a "female brain type", which he argues is linked with empathizing ... The theory and supporting studies are controversial and other studies argue against the idea that baby boys and girls differ significantly in the way they learn or reason about objects' mechanical interactions ...

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