Sewage Collection and Disposal

Sewage collection and disposal systems transport sewage through cities and other inhabited areas to sewage treatment plants to protect public health and prevent disease. Sewage is treated to control water pollution before discharge to surface waters.

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Sewage Collection And Disposal - Historical Sewage Conveyance and Disposal - Industrial Revolution Era
... Initially these systems discharged sewage directly to surface waters without treatment ... As pollution of water bodies became a concern, cities attempted to treat the sewage before discharge ... Early techniques involved land application of sewage on agricultural land ...
Allen Hazen - Career - Sewage Collection and Disposal
... At the age of 24, Hazen was charged with the responsibility for sewage collection and disposal for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and Columbian Exposition ... Paterson, New Jersey was highly contaminated with sewage and industrial wastes, which was a nuisance to the cities below and which made it impossible to use the river water for any purpose ... to their discharge into the River and to deliver the wastes to a sewage treatment plant near the mouth of the River ...

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