SES Broadband

SES Broadband (previously ASTRA2Connect) is a two-way satellite broadband Internet service available across Europe, which launched in March 2007, and uses the Astra series of geostationary satellites. SES Broadband is owned and operated by SES Broadband Services, a subsidiary of SES, based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg.

SES Broadband provides high-speed Internet access (at up to 10Mbit/s) at a flat rate cost to end users, along with VoIP, IPTV, and content-on-demand facilities, without any requirement for a landline, cable or terrestrial wireless connection.

Until March 2012, SES Broadband was called ASTRA2Connect and the operating company ASTRA Broadband Services. The name was changed in line with the rebranding of parent company SES.

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