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Product List

  • AquaBrowser - Discovery layer that provides a Web interface and single search box for querying the library catalog and other local library collections; also integrates with 360 Search for discovery of the library's subscribed electronic content
  • The Summon Service - a web-scale discovery service, described as similar to Google but for accessing a library's academic content. It provides a single search box for finding all items in a library's collection including books, electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals and academic databases, multimedia items and other holdings. It executes searches against a database of preharvested content, preferably by indexing the full text, and offers the ability to use facets to refine searches by restricting results to properties such as date range or content type.
  • KnowledgeWorks - Repository of bibliographic metadata for electronic journals, books and other e-resources, maintained and managed by Serials Solutions librarians in partnership with publishers, for use with other Serials Solutions services
  • 360 Link - Link resolver that accepts data that identifies a particular information resource, typically generated by an Abstracting and Indexing database or discovery service and supplied in OpenURL format, and returns a link to the resource in the library's collection if it is available
  • 360 Search - Federated search service that provides a single search facility across multiple separate resources, including individual publisher databases and local holdings in the library catalog; includes the ability to filter to only peer-reviewed journal articles or to only resources for which the library has access to the full text
  • 360 MARC Updates - Service that supplies up-to-date MARC records for e-journals and e-books, allowing those resources to be included in the library OPAC without the library staff having to create those records, update and catalog them
  • 360 Resource Manager - Electronic resource management system for tracking and managing subscriptions, license terms and holdings data for electronic resources; also available in a Consortium Edition
  • 360 Counter - Service that collects statistics about use of electronic resources from publishers, tracks usage over time, and generates reports and cost analyses so libraries can make better-informed decisions about their electronic holdings
  • 360 Core - Foundational service that consolidates information about all of a library's electronic holdings, and provides tools for access and management
  • Ulrichsweb - Online and searchable access to Ulrich's, recognized as the authoritative source for bibliographic and publisher information on periodicals; a reference used by both library users and librarians, that also facilitates linking to full text of articles
  • Ulrich's Serials Analysis System - Analysis and reporting system for assessing a library's serials collection, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and serials that can enhance the collection

Product Under Development

The Intota web-scale collection management system aims to address the needs of today's libraries that are still using systems designed for print, while library collections have become increasingly electronic. It has been described as a total reconceptualization of library management systems, addressing the complete resource lifecycle including selection, acquisition, cataloging, discovery and fulfillment. It includes the following elements:

  • Unified workflows for managing all types of library resources
  • A new knowledgebase of authoritative metadata, lowering costs for data acquisition
  • Assessment capability that shows how collections are used, demonstrating the value of the library
  • Interoperability with other systems both inside and outside the library, facilitated through published APIs

Serials Solutions has announced that Intota Assessment, a library collection analytics service that will be a part of the Intota system, will debut in 2013.

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