SERCOS III - General Architecture - Telegrams - Telegram Types

Telegram Types

Two main types of telegrams are used within the sercos III Cycle. The Master Data Telegram (MDT), and the Acknowledge telegram (AT). Both telegram types are issued by the Master (control). The MDT contains information provided by the Master to Slaves. It is filled by the Master, and read by Slaves. The AT is issued by the Master, but actually populated by each Slave with their appropriate response data (feedback values, input states, etc.). More than one Slave uses the same AT, filling in its pre-determined area in the AT telegram, updating checksums, and then passing the telegram to the next device. This method reduces the impact of the Ethernet frame overhead on the performance of the network without compromising IEEE 802.3 & ISO/IEC 8802-3. The amount of data sent from the Master to Slaves, as well as the sum of the data returned by the Slaves, may exceed the 802.3-specified maximum 1500-byte data field size. To comply with this limit, sercos III may use more than one MDT telegram in a cycle, as well as more than one AT telegram (up to 4 in each case).

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