SERCOS III - Features - Application Layer (profiles)

Application Layer (profiles)

The sercos III specification defines a broad range of variables developed by a consortium of product suppliers to provide interoperability between components (motion controls, drives, etc.). All Traffic across a sercos III network consists of Idents (parameters) with attributes. This method was first defined in sercos I, as an essentially flat set of Idents. They were later grouped into application sets to aid in selection of pertinent Idents required for a given industry, such as the “Pack Profile” for use with packaging machinery. During the development of the sercos III specification, this methodology was further refined to group the Idents logically by device class. The definition of the legacy Idents has remained largely untouched; rather their grouping has been re-evaluated for a more understandable architecture. This has also enabled the separation of communication Idents into a logical subset, simplifying migration from sercos I/II to sercos III, and providing a clear overview to users.

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