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Ustaše/Archive 3 - Religious Persecution
... See also World War II persecution of Serbs The Ustaše aimed to create an ethnically "pure" Croatia, and saw the Serbs that lived in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as ... The strategy to achieve their goal One third of the Serbs were to be killed ... One third of the Serbs were to be expelled (ethnically cleansed) ...
List Of Serbian Monarchs - Fall of The Serbian Empire and Despot Era (1371–1530)
... and decentralization of the realm, the Ottomans defeated the Serbs at the Battle of Maritsa in 1371, making vassals of the southern governors, soon thereafter, the Emperor died ... most of Serbia under his rule and managed to gain the loyalty of a majority of the Serbs ... He also ceded the title "King of Serbs" to King Tvrtko of Bosnia (who was maternally a Nemanjić) ...

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