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Persian Risk - Post Break-up Activities & Where Are They Now
... Carl Sentance was recruited by Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler to front the Geezer Butler Band in 1986 but the group ultimately failed to score a record deal ... Sentance also assembled an American version of Persian Risk with guitarist Mark Lanoue the band gigged in the Southern US area until their demise in ... In 2005, Sentance emerged fronting Whole Lotta Metal alongside co-vocalist Tony Martin of Black Sabbath fame and other British metal session musicians ...
Persian Risk - History
1980, Deverill was headhunted by the Tygers of Pan Tang and replaced by Carl Sentance, a former band mate of Nick Hughes and Razz in Leading Star ... early version of Jagged Edge), while Carl Sentance stepped in with Tokyo Blade on their 1986 European tour he was also brought in as a guest vocalist by fellow Welsh act Tredegar for their 1986 debut album ... In February 2012, vocalist Carl Sentance announced on his Facebook page that he had recorded seven new songs and re-cut four old Persian Risk tracks for ...