Semiliquidambar is a genus of plants, most recently treated in family Altingiaceae, though previously often treated in Hamamelidaceae. Recent research suggests that it may not be a true genus, but that the species normally treated within it are hybrids of other species of Altingiaceae; the taxonomy of that entire family is currently under review pending the results of molecular phylogenetic investigations

There are 3 species currently treated in Semiliquidambar:

  • Semiliquidambar cathayensis, H.T. Chang
  • Semiliquidambar caudata
  • Semiliquidambar chingii

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... comprise three genera Altingia, Liquidambar, and Semiliquidambar ... Semiliquidambar has recently been shown to be hybrids of species of Altingia and Liquidambar ... Liquidambar has four or five species, and Semiliquidambar has two to four ...