Semikron - State-of-the-art Technology

State-of-the-art Technology

Spring contacts allows for electrical contacts without soldering. Avoiding solder fatigue, spring contacts are resistant against shock, vibration and corrosion, and provide high temperature cycling in harsh industrial environments. The module is easily assembled to the control PCB only with screws. By pressing the PCB to the module the electrical contacts are established.

When using pressure contact technology, the soldered copper base plate and solder layers are omitted. Therefore modules with SKiiP Technology have fewer solder layers and have a 25% lower thermal resistance compared to leaded modules. This guarantees a longer service lifetime.

Sintering in combination with pressure contact results in an increased service lifetime because critical solder is omitted. The chips are not leaded but sintered by a cold weld to the ceramic. The operating chip temperature of 175°C is only 18% of the disassembly temperature of the sinter layer (solder: 60%). This shows that compared to the solder layer, the sinter layer will not fatigue over time in the application.

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