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Character Date(s) Actor Circumstances
DS Wrag 2–3 January Tim Faraday A police officer investigating Kevin Wicks' suspicious death.
Alex 3 January Philip Honeywell A man Preeti Choraria met as she was leaving Walford.
Rich 7 January David Bauckham A friend of Vinnie Monks, who lent Vinnie his car and house.
Jo 8 January Louise Fitzgerald A woman on a hen night at the R&R.
Simon 14 January Danny Dalton A man who spiked Dawn Swann's drink in R&R.
Ziggy 17 January Ashley Horne A member of Tegs' gang.
Donna 24 January Melanie Cameron A Victoria Beckham lookalike and Minty Peterson and Hazel Hobbs's rival in the wedding competition.
Ray Walters 25 January Richard Hollis A man who books R&R for a private function and meets with the owners, Jack Branning and Ronnie Mitchell, on 25 January 2008. Neither of them have read an e-mail from him explaining what he has booked the club for. He reveals that he is a naturist and that he wants to hold a naked party in the club. Ronnie and Jack joke that they and the staff could join in.
Jeph 4–5 February Justin Marosa A traffic warden who Christian Clarke chatted up, and slept with, enraging Ian Beale.
Marni Merrick 5 February–
25 April
Lisa Ellis A journalist from To Love and to Cherish magazine She visits Minty Peterson for a photoshoot for the wedding competition he has entered with his ex-fiancée, Hazel Hobbs. Heather Trott pretends to be Hazel when Marni arrives.
Cheryl 7 February Lucy Brooks An escort hired by Deano Wicks. Deano made his mother Shirley Carter pay for her services as he had just been released from prison.
Dr Therara 11 February Paul Courtenay Hyu A doctor who tended to Stacey Branning, when she ended up in hospital after taking liquid ecstasy.
Harriet Burgess 12 February–21 March
Lucy Robinson Tanya Branning's (Jo Joyner) divorce solicitor, who introduces herself to Tanya's husband Max Branning (Jake Wood). She represents Tanya in the divorce hearing, although her assistant is bribed by Max to "lose" the incriminating DVD of him kissing Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) and she has to change Tanya's reason for divorcing Max from "adultery" to "inappropriate behaviour". Tanya loses her temper in court, and later gets drunk and phones Harriet. Harriet also apepars when Tanya wants to get an injunction against Max after she suspects he spiked her drink. Harriet advises Tanya to smooth things over with Max or risk losing her children. She then appears so Tanya and Max can cancel their divorce proceedings.
Lorraine 14 February Lisa McDonald Bradley Branning's flatmates, who argued with each other about civil partnerships.
Gilly Sarah Counsell
Moira 14 February (uncredited) Harriet Burgess's assistant, who was bribed by Max Branning to "lose" the incriminating DVD showing him kissing Stacey Slater.
DC Hargreaves 19 February 2008,
23 March 2010
Danny Nutt A police officer who investigated a break-in at Jack Branning's flat in 2008. In 2010 he informs Jean Slater that a body has been found matching her daughter Stacey Slater's description.
Bungle 21 February Sam Ardley Darren Miller's friend, who attended Tanya Branning's birthday party.
Paula 25 February Ellena Stacey A homeless girl who befriended Steven Beale, only to steal his wallet.
Tina Teague 25–28 February Kerry Ann White The mother of Tegs Teague who stabbed Jay Brown. Tina appears in an attempt to bully Jay into not testifying against her son in court. She later appears when she knocks on the door of the Millers and Dawn Swann opens it. Tina threatens her saying that Jay should not go to court. When Tina purposely breaks Dawn's daughter Summer Swann's toy, Dawn snaps and throws her out and sets her dog Genghis on her. Tina's bullying tactics fail and Tegs is sentenced to two years in a Young Offenders Institution.
Mr Ackroyd 29 February 2008,
3 March 2008,
5 June 2009
Alex Avery Abi Branning and Ben Mitchell's teacher, who appeared when Max Branning and Tanya Branning and Phil Mitchell and Shirley Carter attended a parents' evening at Walford High School. He reappeared on 5 June 2009 to inform Bianca Jackson that her adoptive daughter Whitney Dean did not attend any of her GCSE exams. Bianca was outraged of the way he delivered this and decided to boot him out of her house.
Matthew 3–4 March James Hoogland A boy Lucy Beale met in the café, who Ian Beale later threw out of his house as he was there alone with Lucy.
Alex French 6 March Pippa Hinchley The head of a construction site on George Street, who Bradley Branning approaches to ask for a job. They get off to a bad start, with Bradley initially assuming that Alex is male due to her unisex name. She offers him labouring work, though he tells her that he is looking for work as a salesman. He is later offered a job selling the flats.
Julia Ellison 6 March Sally Giles A woman who interviews Stacey Branning for a place on a B.Tech course in fashion design. Although Julia cannot offer Stacey a place at Walford college, as the course is oversubscribed, she offers a place at a college in Croydon. Stacey declines as she does not want to leave Walford.
Dr Khan 10 March Meneka Das A doctor who tended to Shirley Carter when she fell and hit her head. Shirley confided in her about a lump she had found on her breast.
DC Bedows 20 March Jane Cameron A police officer investigating the disappearance of Lucy Beale.
Simon 28 March–18 April Richard Heap A private investigator hired by Christian Clarke to find Lucy Beale.
Saul 31 March James Doherty One half of a gay couple who were getting married in the hotel where Pat Evans and Peggy Mitchell were staying.
Nathan 31 March Mark Rice-Oxley One half of a gay couple who were getting married in the hotel where Pat Evans and Peggy Mitchell were staying. Nathan got cold feet and called off the civil partnership ceremony, but after talking to Pat, married Saul.
Harry 1 April Danny Brown The owner of the B&B where Bianca Jackson and her children were staying, who threw them out onto the streets.
Charmaine 3 April Claire Louise Cordwell Bianca Jackson's friend, who refused to let her and her children sleep at her house, as she already had complaints made about the noise made by her own children.
Anna 3 April Laurietta Essien A social worker who Bianca Jackson had a meeting with after she was made homeless.
Toto 3 April Anthony Warren A man who lived in Lucas Johnson's old house, and gave his daughter Chelsea Fox his new address.
Gerome 3 April Dominic Debias A member of the congregation, listening to Lucas Johnson preaching.
PC Adams 4 April, 5 May 2008
26–28 December 2009
Andrew Watson A police officer who tried to help a homeless Bianca Jackson, only to be assaulted by her. He later attended the scene when Pat Evans was run over. In 2009 he appears following the murder of Archie Mitchell.
Michael 4 April Cymon Allen A man who tried to pay Bianca Jackson for sex, only for her to try and steal his money. He punched her in the face and drove away.
Sarah 4 April Michelle Abrahams Frank Butcher's solicitor, who read out his will and carried out his instructions.
Keisha 7 April–1 May Suzie McGrath Winston's niece and love interest for Gus Smith. She and Gus started dating, until Sean Slater told her Gus was a womaniser, and bedded her himself. Gus later left Walford to become a roadie on her tour.
Alice Grayling 8–14 April Susannah Wise Bianca Jackson visits her, trying to get some emergency accommodation after her children are taken into care because they are homeless. She tells Bianca it will be difficult to place her, and asks her to wait until the next morning, but Bianca rages at her about being a single mother, and then tells her she has found a place to stay—31 Albert Square (Pat Evans house). Bianca then pretends to be back together with her son Liam Butcher's and daughter Tiffany Butcher's father Ricky Butcher, so Alice will think that there are three adults to look after her children. Alice is about to go to inspect Pat's house, but is called away to deal with another case. When Alice inspects Pat's house, she approves that the children can live there.
Alan Daniels 17–21 April Garry Roost He is a journalist from the Walford Gazette, who organises a 'Barmaid of the Year' competition. Roxy Mitchell and Dawn Swann compete in the competition, and although Dawn rightfully wins, Roxy's lover Sean Slater threatens Alan, telling him to make Roxy the winner. Roxy later asks Alan about her victory, and he reveals that Sean had threatened him.
Wendy Hewson 17 April Elizabeth Nestor Along with Jean Slater, they interrupted Jean's daughter Stacey Branning and her boyfriend Steven Beale when they were trying to have a romantic evening. Jean could not remember Wendy Hewson's first name, despite being able to remember the Wendy Simmons' first name.
Both Wendys have been mentioned a couple of times since their appearance, mainly when Jean needs somewhere to stay and calm down, most recently in June 2012.
Wendy Simmons Karren Winchester
Lucy 29 April Alice Henley A homeless girl thought to be Lucy Beale.
Richard 5 May Simon Bird A man who Peggy Mitchell took a fancy to at Ben's dancing exam.
Dr Watt 6 May Caroline Corrie A doctor who tended to Pat Evans when she was run over.
Arnold 6–9 May Richard Lumsden Clare Bates' ex-boyfriend, whose wife Clare stole jewellery from.
Gabrielle Proctor 12 May 2008,
24 March 2009
Devon Black Liam Butcher's teacher, who called a meeting with Liam's parents Ricky Butcher and Bianca Jackson to discuss Liam's truancy and bad academic results. Ricky shouted at her, accusing her of calling his son stupid, and he and Bianca left the meeting.
Laura Stewart 12 May Jessica Regan Jamie Stewart's ex-wife, who dropped off their son Felix Stewart while Jamie was on a date at The Queen Victoria with Roxy Mitchell.
Felix Stewart 12 May Oaklee Pendergast Jamie Stewart's son, who appeared when his mother Laura Stewart dropped him off with Jamie while he was on a date with Roxy Mitchell. Felix got on well with Roxy, and fell asleep on her bed.
Gail 15 May Elizabeth Knight A poledancing instructor who Jack Branning booked to give a class in the R&R.
Vicky Buchanan 16 May Nicola Sanderson A custody sergeant at Walford Police Station when Shirley Carter and Heather Peterson are arrested for being drunk and disorderly. She puts them in a cell together due to overcrowding, but turns the cell alarm off due to Shirley using it to call her constantly. When Heather has an asthma attack, Shirley has to bang on the door to attract her attention, when she gives Heather her medication, then listens to Heather and Shirley's woes about Minty Peterson, Phil Mitchell and Vinnie Monks.
Glynis 20–22 May Sheryl Gannaway A flight attendant who Garry Hobbs met on his flight back from Benidorm, she visited Garry in Walford, but left when Heather Trott walked in on Minty Peterson kissing Glynis' friend.
Melaine 20–22 May Rachel Mitchem Glynis' friend, who visited Garry Hobbs with her. She ended up kissing Minty Peterson, but left in disgust when Heather Trott walked in and revealed that she was Minty's wife.
Kyle 27 May Simon Bubb A man who bought cocaine returned to Sean Slater by Chelsea Fox, only to find that Chelsea had replaced it with sugar.
Anton 29–30 May Chris Geere One of Bradley Branning's colleagues.
Piers 29 May–6 June Simon Delaney One of Bradley Branning's colleagues, who gave Chelsea Fox cocaine. He later got punched by her dad, Lucas Johnson.
Leigh 29 May Nikia Mitchell Two girls from Whitney Dean's school, who tried to mug Whitney.
Kerry Gemma Boyle
Sandra Fielding 6 June 2008,
24 March 2009,
25 September 2009
Kiruna Stamell An employee at Walford Primary School. her first appearance, she tested Liam Butcher for dyslexia and let Liam's father, Ricky Butcher take the test, as Liam was nervous. She concluded that there was a strong possibility that Liam had dyslexia, but Ricky was just not intelligent. In her next appearance, Ricky and his wife Bianca Jackson met her at another parents evening, and in her third, she visited Ricky and Bianca at home to discuss Liam's education.
She is EastEnders' first character with dwarfism.
Ted 11 June–28 July Richard Hope A man who met Jean Slater at The Vic's singles' night. He dumped her as he said that he could not cope with Jean's constant phonecalls.
Samantha 11 June (uncredited) A woman who flirted with Minty Peterson at The Vic's singles' night, and was later seen kissing him in the market.
Helen 23–24 June (uncredited) Two guests at Abi Branning's birthday party.
Rachel (uncredited)
Bernard 24 June David Bamber The maître d' at a newly refurbished Fargo's, who had to deal with bipolar Jean Slater being stood up, and Bianca Jackson not being able to pay for her family's meal on his first day.
Miranda 24 June (uncredited) A waitress at Fargo's.
Dean 8 July Henry Garrett Archie Mitchell's gardener, who his daughter, Roxy Slater slept with.
Dave 8 July Jeff Bennett A man who approached Ronnie Mitchell in a café and gave her his phone number. Ronnie's car was stolen, so she flirted with Dave to get a lift.
Timmy Tropics 14 July (uncredited) A dodgy associate of Mo Harris, who sold Billy Mitchell bananas for his fruit and veg stall. One of the boxes of bananas contained a tarantula, which bit Charlie Slater.
Chinese Walter 17 July Peter Law A dodgy associate of Mo Harris, who sold her some stolen meat. In May 2009, Mo revealed he is in prison.
Miss Levy 28 July Emmanuella Cole Billy and Honey Mitchell's bank manager, who gave them a loan.
Helen Hughes 31 July–1 August 2008
18 February 2010
Joyce Henderson A registrar who marries Sean Slater and Roxy Mitchell. She has another wedding booked, so is exasperated when Sean turns up late, and is further outraged when he and Bradley Branning swap clothes at the altar, and Roxy and Sean will not stop kissing. Roxy's sister Ronnie Mitchell then storms in and tears up the marriage certificate, causing further problems. In 2010, she marries Bradley and Stacey Slater.
Chloe 1 August (uncredited) A girl at Lucas Johnson's talent show who performed a ballet routine.
Josh 1 August (uncredited) A boy at Lucas Johnson's talent show who performed a martial arts routine to the song "Kung Fu Fighting".
Shannon Jacobs 14–18 August Claire Redcliffe An environmental health inspector. She arrived to inspect the Masoods' kitchen as they had started their takeaway business from home. When she arrived, Tamwar Masood was dissecting a bull's eye on the kitchen table, and showed to her as he thought she was a reporter from the Walford Gazette. She later returned and carried out a full inspection, telling Zainab Masood that she would be shutting down the business until regulations were met.
Douglas 15 August Michael Bertenshaw The vet who euthanised Wellard.
Waseem 21 August 2008– Richard Charles A friend of Tamwar Masood, who works on the Masood family's market stall, Masala Masood.
He is seen working in the background of scenes, and on his own when the Masoods are elsewhere.
Camilla Greenwood 21 August Joanna Van Gyseghem The mother of Lucy Beale's boyfriend Olly Greenwood. She attended a meal at the Beales' house on 21 August 2008, and Lucy's father Ian Beale tried to affiliate himself with her as she was rich. She disapproved of Olly and Lucy's relationship as she wanted Olly to focus on his studies, and therefore stormed out of the house.
Cynthia Marshall 25–28 August Alexandra Bastedo A rich lady whose vintage car broke down in Walford, and Garry Hobbs and Minty Peterson flirted with her while they took it to the Arches to fix it. Although she had a fancy car and house, she did not have £200 to pay to Garry and Minty, so she gave them (along with their flatmate Vinnie Monks) her boat Phillippa instead.
Rennie 25–28 August Nick Nevern Terry Bates's henchman, who helped Terry murder Jase Dyer.
Marco (uncredited)
Campbell 25 August Frank Scantori The landlord of the pub Terry Bates and his gang frequented, who Jase Dyer intimidated while trying to track them down.
PC Jessop 25 August Ray De-Haan A police officer who pulled Jase Dyer over for speeding, only to be attacked by Jase, who then drove away.
Lindsey 25 August Sama Goldie A barmaid at R&R, who was behind the private bar at Dawn Swann's hen night.
Fiona 8 September Emma Jerrold A redhead who Ricky Butcher picked up in his taxi, and ended up taking out for a date. He told her that he was still in love with his ex-wife Bianca Jackson, and she understood although she really liked him.
Dillon 19 September Dyfed Potter Two Welsh men who met Stacey Branning and Danielle Jones in Walford park and bought them an ice cream. They later bumped into each other in R&R.
Gareth Nick Richards
Allistar Childs 26 September Peter Bramhill The regional manager of the Minute Mart franchise, who came to inspect the Bridge Street, Walford branch and its franchisees Patrick Trueman and Yolande Trueman, after Patrick sold an unchilled prawn sandwich to Dot Branning and gave her food poisoning. He found the shop in good order, despite assistant Heather's comments about Yolande trying to bribe Dot into keeping quiet. He later offered Yolande a job in the head office in Birmingham.
Kwame 26 September Tyronne Lewis A man who Suzy Branning set up on a date with Denise Wicks. Kwame bored Denise and her former boyfriend Lucas Johnson had to help her get away from the date.
Carrie Dunlop 7–9 October Nicola Wainwight A woman who worked at the care home in which Jay Brown was staying following the death of his father, Jase Dyer. She escorted Jay to his father's funeral, and later appeared when Billy Mitchell visited Jay.
Karen 2 October Georgina Lamb Ronnie Mitchell's old school friend who she met up with at a school reunion.
Miss Reynolds 13 October (uncredited) The daughter of Ronnie Mitchell's childhood sweetheart, Joel Reynolds, who answered the door to Ronnie when she went to visit Joel.
"Jo Hill" 16–17 October (uncredited) A performer in a comedy show that Jane Beale and Tamwar Masood appeared in, who was announced as "the secret lovechild of Jo Brand and Harry Hill."
Adam Smith 16–17 October David Keeling The compere and organiser of the stand-up show that Jane Beale and Tamwar Masood appeared in. He flirted with Jane and asked her out for a meal.
DS Collins 28 October Cornelius Macarthy An officer working on the Max Branning and Jack Branning attempted murder case.
Dr Lawler 31 October Claudia Elmhirst A doctor treating Max Branning after he was run over.
Nurse Kennedy 31 October 2008,
21–24 July 2009,
20 December 2010,
20 January 2011
Natasha Williams A nurse tending to Max Branning after he was run over. She also tends to Stacey Slater after a fall, and Max again when he got his finger stuck in a bowling ball. In 2010 she tends to Ryan Malloy when he is put in a medically induced coma after being poisoned by his wife Janine Butcher. In 2011 she appears when Connor Stanley is in hospital.
Samantha Keeble 3–27 November Alison Newman The inspector who was dealing with the case of Max Branning hit and run. She was angry at his former wife Tanya Branning for not letting her speak to their daughter Abi Branning, as Abi was in Max's house, near the 'accident'.
Will Holden 4 November–
19 December
Ross Waiton One of the many journalists around the Square when Max Branning was run over. He heard Bianca Jackson talking about the incident in Bridge Street café and spoke to her about it. When she revealed that Max was her uncle, Holden gave her his card. Bianca later asked Max's wife Tanya Branning some questions about Max, but when she realised the distress it was causing Tanya, she walked away and ripped up the card.
He made a report a month later at Christmas.
George Poulton 4 November (uncredited) The first comedian to perform at The Vic's comedy night, before Jane Beale.
Jackie 10 November Shelley Minto The forewoman on a building site on Turpin Road. She hired Sean Slater as a casual worker, paying him a pittance, and flirted with Masood Ahmed, taking her builders to his stall for lunch to help his profits.
Mal 10 November Alexander Kirk A comedy agent who visited Ian Beale and Jane Beale, interested in Jane's stand-up act. His chauvanism angered Ian, who threw him out.
Natalie Jennings 17 November (uncredited) The midwife who delivered Amy Mitchell.
Dr Mackie 17 November Mark Gillis One of the doctors who delivered Amy Mitchell.
Nina 21 November–
1 December
Belinda Everett Tanya Branning's cellmate.
Sarah 18 December Miranda Pleasence The daughter of Janine Butcher's husband, David. After his death, Sarah threw Janine out, making her homeless.
David 18–19 December Harry Towb Janine Butcher's rich, Jewish husband, who died of a heart attack when Janine was exposed as a fraud moments after they married.
"Scally" 19 December Alan Williams A tramp who Dot Branning gave spare clothes and money to so that he could clean himself up.

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