Selina Branning - Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Carl Ferguson
Introduced by Diederick Santer
First appearance 2 October 2008
Last appearance 10 October 2008
Classification Former; guest

Lee Thompson played by Carl Ferguson, was a former school friend of Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack). It was revealed in October 2008 that Ferguson would be playing the part and the role would see him 'become involved in a tangled love affair'. He appeared from 2 to 10 October 2008.

He first appeared when Ronnie attended a school reunion, with Christian Clarke (John Partridge) posing as her husband. Lee revealed he is the best friend of Joel Reynolds (Cavan Clerkin), the father of Ronnie's daughter. He revealed that Joel knew about the school reunion but wouldn't be coming. Lee also realised that Christian was not Ronnie's husband and was in fact gay, so slid his own contact details into Christian's blazer pocket. Christian later went out for a drink with him and got Joel's contact details for Ronnie. Over the next few days Lee and Christian started a relationship, this was thanks to Christian's sister Jane Beale (Laurie Brett) sending Lee a text from Christian's phone. A few days into this relationship, Lee said that he was surprised he was attracted to Christian, as he tended to prefer younger men. They later kiss but are told by Dot Branning (June Brown) that she is as liberal as the next person, but does not approve of canoodling in public places. Christian later invited Lee for a lunch with some 'friends', Jane and Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons), who had both insisted on meeting Lee. However, Lee ended up being rude to both Jane and Roxy, and later left while Christian was out buying wine, telling Jane and Roxy that Christian was too old for him and they ended their relationship.

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