Self Winding Clock Company - The Self Winding Clock Company and The Western Union Time Service

The Self Winding Clock Company and The Western Union Time Service

The relationship between the two separate companies began with an agreement between Self Winding Clock Company and Western Union(WU) being entered into in June 1889. This agreement was for the transmission of time signals over Western Union telegraph lines to synchronize clocks made by Self Winding Clock Company. SWCC owned the clocks and WU installed and maintained them for a monthly fee, ranging from $1.25 to $2.00 per clock per month. SWCC was paid a percentage of the rental fee for providing clocks for the WU customers. If the clock movements required major repairs they were sent to a SWCC repair facility and a replacement movement was installed by WU at the customer location. The partnership between SWCC and WU ended in 1963 when, as part of a lawsuit settlement, WU purchased all the rental clocks from SWCC. By the late 1960's the time service business had run its course and ceased to be profitable. Most of the clocks were simply abandoned. These clocks are sought after by many clock collectors.

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