Self-sacrifice in Jewish Law - The Requirement of Self-sacrifice - Three Exceptional Sins

Three Exceptional Sins

There are three sins for which one is always required to die rather than transgress:

  • idolatry
  • sexual misconduct such as incest, adultery, (see sexual immorality prohibited by Torah)
  • murder

The above three are ruled as being exceptions by the Talmud. In tractate Sanhedrin 74a, the Talmud records: “Rav Yochanan said in the name of Rav Shimon ben Yehotzadak: ‘It was decided by a vote in the loft of the house of Nitezeh in Lod: For all the sins in the Torah, if a person is told, 'Transgress and you will not be killed,' they should transgress and not be killed, except for idol worship, sexual relations and bloodshed.’” A Jew must sacrifice his or her life rather than transgress the above-mentioned sins.

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