Select Bus Service - Fare and Payment

Fare and Payment

The fare for SBS is the same as on all New York City Transit local and limited-stop buses, $2.50, payable with a MetroCard or coins. Boarding procedures for the S79 SBS are the same as those on regular local and limited-stop buses. On all other SBS services, unlike other bus lines in New York City, fare collection for SBS works via a proof-of-payment system. Customers must pay their fare before boarding the bus at pay stations located in bus shelters at the designated stops (for customers using UniTicket, the UniTicket is valid for boarding). Once fare payment is made, one must board the bus at that stop within one hour. Boarding can be done via the any of the three doors (THe first door on S79 SBS vehicles). New York City Transit fare inspectors and NYPD police officers randomly check for proof of payment receipts, with those unable to produce one subject to a $100 summons.

In addition, proof-of-payment receipts are only valid for the route that stops at the station at which one boards (i.e., an M34/M34A SBS receipt cannot be used on the M15 SBS). When transferring from one SBS route to another, one must obtain a second receipt from that route's fare payment machines.

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