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Security Patterns For Java EE and XML Web Services

This is a set of security patterns evolved by a team of engineers from Sun Microsystems that contributes to building end-to-end security into Java EE enterprise applications, XML Web services, identity management systems, and service provisioning solutions.

  • Authentication Enforcer pattern can be used to manage and delegate authentication processes
  • Authorization Enforcer pattern can be used to manage and delegate authorization processes
  • Intercepting Validator pattern helps performing security validation for input data from clients
  • Secure Base Action pattern shows centralizing handling of security tasks in a base action class
  • Secure Logger pattern can be used to log sensitive data and ensuring tamper-proof storage
  • Secure Session Manager shows securely centralizing session information handling
  • Web Agent Interceptor pattern shows how to use an interceptor mechanism to provide security for Web applications
  • Obfuscated Transfer Object pattern shows how to protect data passed around in transfer objects and between application tiers
  • Audit Interceptor pattern shows to capture security related events to support logging and auditing
  • Message Inspector pattern shows verification and validation of XML message-level security mechanisms, such as XML Signature and XML Encryption in conjunction with a security token.
  • Message Interceptor Gateway pattern shows a single entry point solution for centralization of security enforcement for incoming and outgoing XML Web Service messages. It helps to apply transport-level and message-level security mechanisms required for securely communicating with a Web services endpoint.
  • Secure Message Router pattern facilitates secure XML communication with multiple partner endpoints that adopt message-level security. It acts as a security intermediary component that applies message-level security mechanisms to deliver messages to multiple recipients where the intended recipient would be able to access only the required portion of the message and remaining message fragments are made confidential.

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