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Secured Transaction
... Generally, a secured transaction is a loan or a credit transaction in which the lender acquires a security interest in collateral owned by the borrower and is entitled to foreclose on or repossess the collateral in ... In the United States, secured transactions in personal property (that is, anything other than real property) are governed by Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) ... The law treats differently those creditors who are secured (i.e ...
Bankruptcy And Insolvency Act - Principal Roles in Bankruptcy Proceedings - Creditors
... The amount available from the estate, after deemed trusts are settled, is distributed to the creditors in the following order of priority (with each class/sub ... and reimbursements the difference between what secured creditors would have received and what they actually received, because of the operation of the super-priority for pension plan ... all remaining creditors whose claims are not postponed below) subject to any subordination agreements that may be in place Postponed claims creditors not at arm's ...
Central Railroad & Banking Co. Of Ga. V. Pettus - Summary
... It had also outstanding bonds issued in 1866 and 1867, not secured by mortgage or otherwise ... to a lien in favor of the holders of bonds secured by its mortgage of September 15, 1868 ... bonds of the (old) Montgomery and West Point Railroad Company not secured by mortgage—through Pettus Dawson and Watts Sons, their solicitors, exhibited a bill in equity in the same ...
Security Interest - Rationale
... A secured creditor takes a security interest to enforce its rights against collateral in case the debtor defaults on the obligation ... If the debtor goes bankrupt, a secured creditor takes precedence over unsecured creditor in the distribution ... question the utility of security interests and secured lending generally ...
General Assignment - The United States - Secured Creditor Influence
... has been a determination by company management and interested parties such as a secured creditor that even after restructuring, a "going concern" may still not viable ... A secured creditor or group of secured creditors frequently may encourage the company's senior management to pursue this liquidation mechanism ... Secured creditor(s) may encourage this type of action to relieve themselves of the legal costs and risks associated with the foreclosure and sale of its collateral ...

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    The aim of New Deals is to exterminate the class of creditors and thrust all men into that of debtors. It is like trying to breed cattle with all cows and no bulls.
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    His [the President’s] earnest desire is, that you may perpetuated and preserved as a nation; and this he believes can only be done and secured by your consent to remove to a country beyond the Mississippi.... Where you are, it is not possible you can live contented and happy.
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