Secretary of State For Transport - Minister of Transport (1919–1941)

Minister of Transport (1919–1941)

Colour key (for political parties):
Conservative Labour National Labour Liberal National Liberal

Name Term of office Political party Prime Minister
Eric Campbell Geddes 19 May 1919 7 November 1921 Conservative David Lloyd George
The Viscount Peel 7 November 1921 12 April 1922 Conservative
The Earl of Crawford 12 April 1922 31 October 1922 Conservative
Sir John Baird, Bt 31 October 1922 22 January 1924 Conservative Andrew Bonar Law
Stanley Baldwin
Harry Gosling 24 January 1924 3 November 1924 Labour Ramsay MacDonald
Wilfrid Ashley 11 November 1924 4 June 1929 Conservative Stanley Baldwin
Herbert Morrison 7 June 1929 24 August 1931 Labour Ramsay MacDonald
Percy Pybus 3 September 1931 22 February 1933 Liberal Ramsay MacDonald
Hon. Oliver Stanley 22 February 1933 29 June 1934 Conservative
Leslie Hore-Belisha 29 June 1934 28 May 1937 National Liberal
Stanley Baldwin
Leslie Burgin 28 May 1937 21 April 1939 National Liberal Neville Chamberlain
Euan Wallace 21 April 1939 14 May 1940 Conservative Neville Chamberlain
John Reith 14 May 1940 3 October 1940 National Independent Winston Churchill
John Moore-Brabazon 3 October 1940 1 May 1941 Conservative

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