Search Algorithm

In computer science, a search algorithm is an algorithm for finding an item with specified properties among a collection of items. The items may be stored individually as records in a database; or may be elements of a search space defined by a mathematical formula or procedure, such as the roots of an equation with integer variables; or a combination of the two, such as the Hamiltonian circuits of a graph.

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Block-matching Algorithms
... Cross Search Algorithm (CSA) Full Search Algorithm (FSA) Spiral Search Three Step Search Two Dimensional Logarithmic Search (TDL) Binary Search (BS) Four Step Search (FSS) Orthogonal Search Algorithm (OSA ...
No Free Lunch In Search And Optimization - No Free Lunch (NFL)
... A search algorithm takes an objective function as input and evaluates candidate solutions one-by-one ... The output of the algorithm is the sequence of observed goodness values ... Wolpert and Macready stipulate that an algorithm never reevaluates a candidate solution, and that algorithm performance is measured on outputs ...
Stern–Brocot Tree - Mediants and Binary Search
... The Stern–Brocot tree forms an infinite binary search tree with respect to the usual ordering of the rational numbers ... q in the Stern–Brocot tree may be found by a binary search algorithm, which may be expressed in a simple way using mediants ... The binary search algorithm proceeds as follows Initialize two values L and H to 0/1 and 1/0, respectively ...
A* Search Algorithm - Admissibility and Optimality
... A* is admissible and considers fewer nodes than any other admissible search algorithm with the same heuristic ... When A* terminates its search, it has found a path whose actual cost is lower than the estimated cost of any path through any open node ... Suppose now that some other search algorithm B terminates its search with a path whose actual cost is not less than the estimated cost of a path through some open node ...
Classes of Search Algorithms - For Quantum Computers
... There are also search methods designed for quantum computers, like Grover's algorithm, that are theoretically faster than linear or brute-force search even without the help of data structures or heuristics ...

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