Seam may refer to:

  • Seam (sewing), the line where two or more layers of fabric are held together by stitches.
  • Seam (geology), a stratum of coal or mineral that is economically viable; a bed or a distinct layer of vein of rock in other layers of rock
  • Seam (metallurgy)
  • Seam (band), an indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois
  • Seam bowling, in cricket, refers to bowling with the main seam upright
  • Seam carving, an image resizing algorithm
  • Can seamer, a machine used to seal a lid to a can body, such as in paint or food cans
  • Quarter seam, a thread on the surface of a cricket ball
  • JBoss Seam, a Java application framework by JBoss

SEAM may refer to:

  • The ICAO airport code for Chachoan Airport in Ambato, Ecuador
  • Sun Enterprise Authentication Mechanism, an implementation of Kerberos protocol for the Solaris operating system

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Seam Carving - Seams - Computing Seams - Dynamic Programming
... Dynamic programming is used in seam carving for computing seams ... If attempting to compute a vertical seam (path) of lowest energy, for each pixel in a row we compute the energy of the current pixel plus the energy of one of ... in row three to end up with the final cumultive sums for the seams/paths ...
Cheadle Coalfield - Geology
... Over millions of years the upper seams in this area were washed away and the lower seams outcrop around Ipstones, Foxt and Alton ... by the National Coal Board in the mid 20th century correlated the coal seams of the two coalfields ... As the coal outcrops around the Cheadle area, the seams that were heavily worked are the deeper seams in the North Staffs field, in many cases seams that were too deep to mine economically in ...
Chenille Fabric - In Quilting
... in various patterns and colours, with or without "ragging" the seams ... The chenille effect by ragging the seams, has been adapted by quilters for a casual country look ... quilt" or, a "slash quilt" due to the frayed exposed seams of the patches and the method of achieving this ...
Seams of The Cheadle Coalfield
... the coalfield developed in isolation from the Potteries coalfield, the seam names are different from those in use in the Potteries ... However, as stated earlier, the seams were correlated together in the 1950s by the analysis of marine bands ... Below are the seams in the Cheadle Coalfield, the shallowest at the top ...

Famous quotes containing the word seams:

    They are girls. Green girls.
    Death and life is their daily work.
    Death seams up and down the leaf.
    I call the leaves my death girls.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)