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Modern Version

The current version of ScreenCam builds and edits interactive software demonstrations, simulations, podcasts, screencasts, and program demos. For software demos, it records in real time using a proprietary capture algorithm that captures a sequence of still images and then builds mouse movement simulations to create the appearance of a running program. By using Adobe Flash Tweening technology, ScreenCam is able to create screencasts in a smaller filesize than by using typical video compression technology. In particular, the system can use tweening to simulate cursor movement without needing to use delta-frame CODECs on the entire video frame.

ScreenCam users can edit ScreenCam presentations to add clickable buttons, captions and callouts, graphical items like colored shapes and arrows, clickable hotspots, text entry boxes, etc. Authors can edit the content (including mouse pointer path, position, image) and change the timing for each item to appear and disappear. The hotspots can branch to other sections in the presentation, or to outside webpages. It has an interface which is heavy on use of graphics and tends to follow the concept of a movie editor. It supports the concept of merging movies, splitting movies, and deleting sections of ScreenCam movies.

ScreenCam supports import of still images and audio tracks into the ScreenCam's editor. It can export to Adobe Flash .swf format, .avi format and animated gif. When exporting to .swf it will automatically generate an .html file, facilitating the placement of the paired .swf and .html files onto a website for viewing. ScreenCam will also 'wrap' a Adobe Flash player around an .swf file, turning it into a .exe file, which can be played without needing to have the Adobe Flash player installed on a computer.

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