ScreenCam (formerly Lotus/IBM ScreenCam) is a Screencast tool for Microsoft Windows that is used to author software demonstrations, software simulations, branched scenarios, and tutorials in .swf (also known as Adobe Flash) format. ScreenCam was primarily targeted at users who need to create video-oriented instructional materials who were not multimedia authors or video capture technicians. It was very easy to use, having a 'VCR-like' interface and requiring no knowledge of digital video editing, or the concept of 'frames' of a movie, because it used a different paradigm for creating the screen movies. It can also be used for creation of screencasts and conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to the Adobe Flash format.

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Screencam - Versions
... SmartGuyz ScreenCam 3 (March 2009) New features including rewrite for Windows Vista and Windows XP (including 64-bit versions), support for SWF7 and large file exports ... SmartGuyz ScreenCam 2 (January 2007) New features included Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in, allowed automated recording of Powerpoint slide shows ... SmartGuyz ScreenCam 1 (November 2004) Initial release of ScreenCam by SmartGuyz, included concept of export to.swf, graphical timeline editing, editable 'tweened' cursor ...
Screencasting Software - Origin of The Term
... The terms "screencast" and "Screencam" are often used interchangeably, due to the market influence of ScreenCam as an screencasting product of early 1990s ... ScreenCam, however, is a federal trademark in the United States, whereas screencast is not trademarked and has established use in publications as part of Internet and Computing vernacular ...
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... Freelance Graphics 2.1, Organizer 2.1, ScreenCam 1.1) (1995) - SmartSuite 4.0 (Windows 3.11) - (1996) - SmartSuite 97 — Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 (1-2-3 97, Word Pro 97, Approach 97, Freelance ...