Screen - Separation or Partitioning

Separation or Partitioning

  • Window screen, a wire mesh that covers a window opening
  • Fire screen, a device to put in front of a fireplace
  • Windbreak of trees or shrubs
  • Windshield (windscreen), protects the driver of a vehicle
  • Folding screen, a piece of decorative furniture
  • Rainscreen, in building construction
  • Rood screen, a partition in a church which separates the chancel from the nave
  • Smoke screen, smoke released in order to mask the movement or location of military units

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    I was the one who was working to destroy the one thing to which I was committed, that is, my relationship with Gilberte; I was doing so by creating, little by little and through the prolonged separation from my friend, not her indifference, but my own. It was toward a long and cruel suicide of the self within myself which loved Gilberte that I continuously set myself ...
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)