Science Fiction Poetry Association

The Science Fiction Poetry Association was established in 1978 by Suzette Haden Elgin to bring together poets and readers interested in science fiction poetry. The organization publishes the journal Star*Line and the online magazine Eye To The Telescope, and provides market listings and industry news to members. Eye To The Telescope magazine, with its rotating editorship, broadens the scope of the organization's literary footprint. It also administers the Rhysling Award and bestows the Dwarf Stars Award. The two awards involve the publication of annual anthologies of nominated works. The SFPA awards Grand Master status to poets who have been actively publishing genre poetry of high caliber for at least 20 years. The president of the SFPA is David C. Kopaska-Merkel.

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    What a phenomenon it has been—science fiction, space fiction—exploding out of nowhere, unexpectedly of course, as always happens when the human mind is being forced to expand; this time starwards, galaxy-wise, and who knows where next.
    Doris Lessing (b. 1919)

    A good marriage ... is a sweet association in life: full of constancy, trust, and an infinite number of useful and solid services and mutual obligations.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    The author’s conviction on this day of New Year is that music begins to atrophy when it departs too far from the dance; that poetry begins to atrophy when it gets too far from music; but this must not be taken as implying that all good music is dance music or all poetry lyric. Bach and Mozart are never too far from physical movement.
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)

    There is a chasm between knowledge and ignorance which the arches of science can never span.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The beginning of human knowledge is through the senses, and the fiction writer begins where human perception begins. He appeals through the senses, and you cannot appeal to the senses with abstractions.
    Flannery O’Connor (1925–1964)