Schulman, also spelled Schulmann, is a surname, usually that of a Jewish or a German person. Some well-known people with this name are:

  • Arnold Schulman, American writer
  • Dennis Shulman, Rabbi, democratic congressional candidate for NJ 5th district
  • Frank Schulman, Unitarian Universalist minister, theologian, and author
  • Sarah Schulman, writer and activist
  • Schulman family, a Baltic German and Swedish noble family now mainly found in Finland and Canada

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A. Schulman
... Schulman is a global plastics supplier, headquartered in Fairlawn, Ohio ... Schulman is a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds and resins, which are used as raw materials in a variety of markets ...
Alex Schulman - Biography
... Alex Schulman is the son of television producer and journalist Allan Schulman and the television host Lisette Schulman (sv) (née Stolpe) ... He has two brothers Carl Johan (Calle) and Niklas Schulman ... Together with his brother Calle he runs the company Schulmangruppen ("The Schulman Group") ...