• (adj): Blemished by injury or rough wear.
    Example: "The scarred piano bench"
    Synonyms: marred
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Broken, Beat & Scarred
... "Broken, Beat Scarred" is the forty-fifth single by American heavy metal band Metallica, and the sixth from their ninth studio album, Death Magnetic, released on April 3, 2009 ... the title, but Ulrich was "very adamant" that it should be called "Broken, Beat Scarred." On March 19, Metallica's website announced "Broken, Beat Scarred" as the next ...
The Scarred - History - 2007 – 2008
... At the end of the tour, The Scarred released cover artwork from their forthcoming record, only to cancel recording sessions after 6 songs due to fatigue and lack of funds from the label ... Their baby was born on March 21, 2007, and The Scarred announced via Myspace that they would be returning to work soon, starting with the third annual Clampdown Tour in June and July 2007 ... their arrival, an accident forced The Scarred to drop off the tour the day before their departure, as Vocals/Guitar player Justin Willits broke his leg at the ...
The Scarred - History - No Solution
... At the urging of the label, The Scarred quickly rushed to a rent-by-the-hour practice studio in downtown Anaheim and had a live set of three songs recorded by ... Unfortunately, the master copy of the DVD had been scratched over the Scarred's set, causing the audio and video on the last segments to skew ... show was canceled due to a stabbing at the venue the previous night, but on April 4, 2006 The Scarred's second album No Solution was released in ...
Scarred For Life (album)
... Scarred For Life is the third album by Australian hard rock band Rose Tattoo ... Scarred For Life launched Rose Tattoo to international success with the rock anthem "We Can't Be Beaten." A video was filmed for the ditty "Branded." ...
Scarred Lands
... Scarred Lands is a d20 System fantasy campaign setting, by White Wolf Publishing under its Sword Sorcery brand ... Scarred Lands draws heavy inspiration from Greek mythology ...

More definitions of "scarred":

  • (adj): Deeply affected or marked by mental or physical pain or injury.
    Example: "Could her scarred mind ever be free of fear?"; "a face scarred by anxiety"; "the fire left her arm badly scarred"