Scalar Tensor Theories

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Alternatives To General Relativity - Theories From 1917 To The 1980s - Scalar-tensor Theories
... See also Scalar-tensor theory and Brans-Dicke theory These all contain at least one free parameter, as opposed to GR which has no free parameters ... Although not normally considered a Scalar-Tensor theory of gravity, the 5 by 5 metric of Kaluza-Klein reduces to a 4 by 4 metric and a single scalar ... So if the 5th element is treated as a scalar gravitational field instead of an electromagnetic field then Kaluza-Klein can be considered the progenitor of Scalar-Tensor ...
Self-creation Cosmology - External Links and References
... Dissipation of general viscous fluid distribution in Einstein and Barber theories ... Vacuum cosmological models in Einstein and Barber theories. 2004, Conformal relativity versus Brans-Dicke and superstring theories Barber, G.A ...

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