Sayed Nafees Al-Hussaini - Miscellaneous Calligraphic Services

Miscellaneous Calligraphic Services

Syed Sahib compiled a text book on calligraphy himself at the behest of Text Book Board. He also inscribed rare write-ups on stone plates which include Masjid-e-Salah-ud-din Lahore, Masjid-e-Hazrat Ali Mohani Road Lahore, Masjid-e-Faiz ul Islam, Masjid Chaudhry Hospital, Sumit Minar and epitaphs on the graves of Professor Hameed Ahmed Khan and Editor Monthly Naqoosh Mohammad Tufail. He also inscribed on steel plates at Allama Iqbal Museum and wrote famous poems of Allama Iqbal on 50 canvas sheets in Khat-e Nastaliq at Aewan-e-Iqbal. Besides being a calligrapher of the highest order Syed Nafees Shah was a lettered person and had a large collection of books on literature and religion many of them authored by him.

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