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The essential components of this type of saw set are an anvil and a striking tool, often a hammer. These tools range from common blacksmith's equipment to specially designed and marketed saw sets.

This process could use any anvil with a suitable surface and any striking tool of appropriate size. The saw tooth to be set is angled over an edge of the anvil and struck in the direction the tooth is to be set.

Hammering the teeth against an anvil is also used to remove set from the teeth either for maintenance or fresh setting.

Another form uses either a bevel-edged anvil or setting block so that the saw blade rests on a flat portion of the anvil and the tooth held over the bevel, to be struck until bent to the desired angle (Fig. A). Its use is described by the following:

"...lay the block, Fig., in some convenient flat place and hold the tooth of saw so that the point projects over the beveled surface fully one-quarter of an inch. Give two or three strokes with a light hammer, striking the tooth always about one-quarter of an inch from the point. Regulate the set by the use of set gauge..."

Following the same mechanics of operation, some designs introduced either a pin or lever aligned over the tooth that could be struck with a hammer. Rather than rely on the accuracy of the operator, such a device ensures only the portion of the saw under the pin is bent (Fig. B).

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