Savyasachi - Exile - Eunuch At Virata’s Kingdom

Eunuch At Virata’s Kingdom

Along with his brothers, Arjuna spent his last year of exile in the kingdom of Virata, Hastinapura. This is the place where Urvashi’s curse is implemented and Arjun becomes a eunuch called Brihannala (within themselves Pandavas called him Vijaya). At the palace, he teaches song and dance, qualities he had learnt from Chitrasena, to the king Virata's daughter, Uttarā. Later Arjuna arranges for Uttara to become his daughter-in-law by marrying his son Abhimanyu to her. At Virata, a host of Kaurava warriors that included Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Ashwattama and Duryodhana attack Virata. Arjuna single handedly defeats this legion of Kaurava warriors with only the prince of Virata (who was only a mere boy) as a charioteer.

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