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Philadelphia Savings Fund Society - History - Founding
... Founded in 1816, the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society was the first savings bank to organize and do business in the United States ... Savings banks had existed in Europe for years and in the early 1810s had grown rapidly through Great Britain ... The bank was named the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society because Raguet felt the name "bank" was unpopular and calling it a society would make it easier to receive a charter from the ...
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
... The Loews Philadelphia Hotel, also known as the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society Building, or PSFS Building, is a skyscraper in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States ... The building was built for the Philadelphia Saving (later Savings) Fund Society in 1932 and was designed by architects William Lescaze and George Howe ... modernism, Howe's Beaux-Arts background and Philadelphia Saving Fund Society President James M ...
Loews Philadelphia Hotel - History
... To replace their Walnut Street headquarters the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society (PSFS) began planning a new building on Market Street at the former ... during the Great Depression and the neon initials of the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society were kept lit throughout the economic troubles to create a symbol of hope and consistency ... The Philadelphia Saving Fund Society held school programs that allowed Philadelphia children to open accounts with the bank and deposit money every week ...

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